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Kevin Costner, Susanna Thompson, Joe Morton
Dr. Joe Darrow (Kevin Costner), the head of the emergency department at Chicago Memorial Hospital, is a renowned expert in trauma and injury cases. His wife Emily (Joe Morton), who is also a doctor, tragically loses her life in a traffic accident while on a relief mission in Venezuela. Joe, who had opposed her going on the mission from the beginning, falls into a deep crisis.

Despite six months passing since the incident, Emily's body is not found. Joe's behavior at the hospital deteriorates as he sinks into despair. His supervisor suggests that he take some time off to clear his mind. Joe isolates himself from the world, surrounding himself with memories of Emily. Among these memories is a dragonfly brooch, which was a symbol for his wife.

One night, while alone at home, one of the dragonfly brooches falls from the table as if pushed by someone. Joe begins to experience more and more hallucinations. Some young people who have had near-death experiences and have met Joe claim that Emily is trying to communicate with him. A nun who studies such events tells Joe that he may have unfinished business with Emily and that he won't be able to rid himself of these hallucinations until he completes it.

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