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Justin Theroux, Kate McKinnon, Blanka Györfi-Tóth
"The Spy Who Dumped Me", Audrey and Morgan's story, who embark on action-packed adventures for two days. Audrey and Morgan, who are in their thirties, are each other's closest friends. Although their lives in Los Angeles are calm, they are not satisfied. Their ordinary lives, which have no standout points, are disrupted when Audrey's ex-boyfriend suddenly shows up at their house. This man, who is being chased by deadly assassins, turns their lives upside down. Audrey learns that her ex-boyfriend is a spy, and Morgan is determined to accompany him on his mission. Surprising even themselves, they embark on an adventure. The team, who are being chased by assassins throughout Europe, must come up with a plan to save the world. The duo, who get involved in an international conspiracy, have limited time to solve everything...

The comedy film, starring Kate McKinnon, a 2-time Emmy award winner from "Ghostbusters" and "Saturday Night Live", and the beautiful actress Mila Kunis, who was nominated for a Golden Globe for "Black Swan", is directed by Susanna Fogel, known for the film "Life Partners". The film, written by director Fogel and Emmy nominee David Iserson, also features Justin Theroux, Gillian Anderson, Sam Heughan, Hasan Minhaj, and other names.

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    The Spy Who Dumped Me

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